June 4, 2020

In Solidarity

ICONIQ's statement of support and commitment to action

ICONIQ Capital has historically been a private firm. But right now, we can’t be silent. We must stand with those who are suffering in our country. We are proud to stand with them.

The United States is in a crisis. We’ve seen a fracturing of our nation and an increasing blindness to our shared humanity. The murder of George Floyd is only one more tragic chapter in the systemic racism that has plagued our country.

As people rage in our streets, we are still navigating the uncertainty of COVID-19, and mourning the lives lost to that disease. At its core, COVID-19 is a struggle against nature. Yet racism is entirely a human problem. We saw it in the rise of anti-Asian hate speech and violence when COVID-19 arrived on our shores, and the pandemic’s outsized toll on people of color. It is painfully apparent in the senseless deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, as well as George Floyd and most recently a white woman’s attempt to weaponize police against birdwatcher Christian Cooper.

Black lives matter. This should go without saying.

Black lives matter. This should go without saying. And yet here we are, in 2020, still needing to scream it in the face of prejudice, discrimination, and racial violence. So we will shout it again. And again. Black lives matter. ICONIQ Capital stands with our Black colleagues, friends, family, and communities of color.

Most people consider the opposite of love to be hate. To us though, the opposite of love is also indifference – turning a blind eye to casual racism around us, looking away instead of speaking up. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said that, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

All of us at ICONIQ Capital have made a commitment to interrupt injustice, and indifference, wherever it rears its ugly head. First though, we need to open our eyes and minds to what is going on around us. We must look and listen. To try to understand. Over the last week, we’ve been in deep conversations with our employees, the ICONIQ network, and individuals around the world. We’ve heard directly from those who have suffered from injustice here and abroad. We’ve talked to allies, activists, and leaders of social justice movements. And now we are rededicating ourselves to driving change in real, tangible, and meaningful ways. Not just this week. Not just this year. But always. We can all do better and will hold ourselves accountable to our actions and results.

We are fortunate to advise and partner with some of the world’s most influential families, entrepreneurs, companies, institutions, and agents of social change. ICONIQ is an extension of that ecosystem. Together, we learn about problems, think through how we can help solve them, and then collaborate on efforts to scale those solutions. Building on that foundation, we will increase our efforts to unlock the power of diversity in the workplace and engage underrepresented minorities in business. Through ICONIQ Impact, our platform for collaborative philanthropy, we will further harness our network to help those who are neglected, mistreated, and oppressed.