September 10, 2020

Rethinking Residential Real Estate

The future of rental housing is flexibility.

Where do you live? For an increasing number of people, the surprising answer is “that depends.” The rise in location-independent careers has birthed a new generation of digital nomads. As a result, we expect the days of the 12-month lease are numbered; the future of rental housing is flexibility. In recent years, Airbnb identified a market of experience-seeking travelers who, whether they are on business or pleasure trips, want to avoid generic hotel rooms and “live like a local” in professionally managed residential accommodations. Airbnb’s growth drove new short-term rental regulations, leading to a new investment opportunity for our ICONIQ community. So, even while the pandemic has restricted nonessential trips, we are anticipating that life with travel will return over time.

Your home is where you are.

ICONIQ believes high-growth markets that offer technology employment, universities and research institutions, culture, and an attractive lifestyle will continue to foster rental housing and travel demand. To that end, we’ve launched Sentral, a network of urban residential communities establishing a new category in flexible living that redefines the way people live, travel, and work.

After all, your home is where you are.