ICONIQ Capital is a privately held investment firm dedicated to improving the world by channeling capital, talent, and ideas to initiatives that advance society.

With approximately $83.5 billion in assets under management, we cultivate a community of some of the world’s most influential leaders to drive global impact and change.

ICONIQ is elevated by our ecosystem—a global network of incredible families, entrepreneurs, companies, institutions, and agents of social change. Our firm is proud to act as an extension of this inspiring community.

Through those relationships, we deepen our understanding of the world. Together, we learn about problems, think through how we can help solve them, and then collaborate on efforts to scale those solutions.

Technology matters. Strategy matters. People matter most.

Nothing on this website is intended as marketing of any fund in the United Kingdom or any member state of the European Economic Area within the meaning of the Directive 2011/61/EU on Alternative Investment Fund Managers.

Assets under management are calculated using net asset value plus uncalled capital commitments of all ICONIQ accounts and funds as of a recent date. Such figures are approximate, unaudited and subject to change.